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series order

Shadow Legions Series
USA Today bestseller, Shadow’s Mark (Shadow Legions 1)

Racinitine Pack Series
Night Falls (Racinitine Pack 1)
Super Nova (Racinitine Pack 2)

The Hollows Series
Secrets of the Hollows (The Hollows 1)

Gilpin County Search and Rescue Series
Storm of Seduction (Gilpin County Search and Rescue 1) 

Spryth Bloodline Series
Bossy Boots (Spryth Bloodline 1)

Sweet Awakenings Series
Sweet Redemption (Book 1)
Sweet Salvation (Book 2)
Sweet Vengeance (Book 3)
Sweet Affliction (Book 4)

Intimate Temptations Series
Intimate Persuasions (Book 1)
Intimate Confessions (Book 2)
Intimate Seductions (Book 3)

Incessant Passions Series
Impetuous (Book 1)
Tempestuous  (Book 2)
Incessant Passions double set (both books in one paperback)

Blue Collar Series
Risqué Renovation  (Book 1)

The Paladins Series
The Nexus (Book 1)

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